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The CountPages module lets count the number of pages that match various criteria. CountPages is similar to the ListPages module in some ways but does not let you render page data, only a single symbol called %%count%%.


attribute required allowed values default description
category no comma- or space-separated names current category count pages in these categories. Use category="*" to count pages in all categories
tags no comma- or space-separated tag names with + and - modifiers none counts pages that have, or do not have the specified tags. "+" before the tag makes it required, "-" means "without a tag" and tags without modifiers translate to "pages that have any of those tags"
date no year or year.month
or last n unit where n - number (1 if skipped), unit - day(s), week(s), month(s)
or @URL
none adds a date criteria to the selection. For example: 2007 (to count only pages created in 2007), 2008.05 (to count pages created in May 2008)
parent no category:pagename none counts children of the specified page

If you specify more than one criteria then they all apply.


[[module CountPages category="wiki,blog" tags="_closed"]]
%%count%% active pages.


You can put wiki syntax (e.g. for links) into the module body.

This module (like most) cannot be used inside a ListPages module.


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